Palm was at least 9 years ahead of their time. Such a shame they came out with the Foleo ( ) before the world was ready. Enter the HP Elite x3 ( ) which is the Windows Phone equivalent. It makes sense because HP owns Palm’s IP since 2010. I think this is super cool, but it may yet still be ahead of time. Apple seems to have been working at slowing down their major innovations. This makes me sad because I have always loved Apple products, but I think the loss of Jobs has taken a lot of the energy away from Apple. Google seems to be always working at putting everything in their cloud so the devices all access their cloud storage+apps, but I don’t have 100% reliable always-on Internet everywhere I am yet. Microsoft seems to have continued building their phone platform despite having a phone platform that nobody has really cared about since it was released. I am hopeful that they will eventually see the fruits of their labor. This HP Elite unit is really amazing, and I do look forward to the day that my “phone” is my core device that uses other hardware as needed. 

If you are in to tech check out Microsoft Continuum ( ) to learn more about Windows Phone behaving like a desktop or laptop. In the video you’ll see the phone connected by cable to a dock when using it as a desktop. It’s USB-C and can charge the phone while using it, but you can also go wireless with the HP Lapdock as well as the TV adapter. Very cool stuff. Santa please bring me an HP Elite + Lapdock! Please? If not this year then hopefully next year’s version is ok too.