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Mac OS X 10.5.6 stuck on Java 1.5.0_13

So I use InstaDMG to build my Mac OS X images for work. I got reports of Java being broken in my latest image. On looking at the problem the machines were at Java 1.5.0_13 when they should have been at 1.5.0_16. Reinstalling Java Update 2 and Java Update 3 didn’t bring the machines to 1.5.0_16 like it should have. Also the Java apps in /Applications/Utilities/ are broken.

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How Google made my life easier

Since 1996 I have had on some hardware or other where I hosted the site myself. It all started in 1996 when I worked for The Internet Access Company (T.I.A.C.) in their New York City office as the network guy. I was responsible for the Points Of Presence in NY, NJ, CT, and DC. It was a fun gig and I registered my domain name to fiddle around. I remember buying a copy of Windows NT 4.0 at J&R down by my office, and installing it on my Compaq Presario desktop. I used IIS back then to run the website.

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InstaDMG – Fix for iTunes keeping DMG mounted

[For those that don’t know what InstaDMG is you should really check it out if you manage Macintosh systems. It’s at and is really really helpful.]

So I included the latest iTunes and noticed my DMG was still mounted when all was done. “lsof” is my friend and showed me there were two things in use that should not have been.


  • /Volumes/OS-Build-08-03-15/Applications/
  • /Volumes/OS-Build-08-03-15/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework/Versions/A/ MobileDevice

I knew the framework was loaded from the binary since when I killed the iTunesHelper process the framework let go. Then I found this…



  • /iTunes.mpkg/Contents/Resources/iTunesX.pkg/Contents/Resources/ postflight_actions/runiTunesHelper

The above is the dopey script that Apple made that simply launches the helper if a user is logged in. Why not also test if the target volume is the booted volume? I don’t know. Seems a little lame to me. For our purposes just delete this file. For InstaDMG there is no need to kill the current helper and certainly no need to launch the helper inside the DMG you are building.


Dawn has moved

[Update: The below URL is not current. If anyone knows the current URL I can post it here.]

You may be asking yourself… where is Dawn? The author now has the site at the below URL. The server I used to host it on is no more and sadly I forgot I had the site when I retired the box. I have added a redirect on the old URL to hopefully save time for most folks.


Windows XP – A Tale of 2 HALs

The HAL:

Many people don’t know what the HAL is, and what files make up the HAL. There are basically 3 files that make the HAL, and 2 of them makes it be ACPI or non-ACPI or SMP or whatever. It’s tricky to figure this out however because Microsoft has done a terrible job at naming the files. I’ll attempt to explain how to switch from one HAL to another in this document.

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Apache Frontpage and Fedora GCC problem

Are you frustrated trying to get Microsoft Frontpage extensions working on your Fedora Core setup? Do you see buffer overflow error in /var/log/httpd/error_log ?

*** buffer overflow detected ***: /usr/sbin/httpd terminated

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Mounting ISO images in a virtual CD-ROM drive

So I downloaded the Microsoft Longhorn Beta 1 ISO from my MSDN account. There were two possibilies for me testing Longhorn on VirtualPC on my Laptop: burning the ISO images to a DVD or using a virtual CD-ROM drive that can mount ISO images. See even though VirtualPC can mount ISO images, it is unable to mount DVD ISO images because it thinks they are too big. (I sure wish Microsoft would fix VirtualPC.) My preference went to mounting the ISO somehow, so I decided to Google for a solution. Microsoft seems to have an unsupported “Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP“. It is very simplistic, but it works like a charm on my XP SP2 machine, and as I write this I am installing Longhorn in to VirtualPC.

This tool is even not searchable through the “Microsoft Download Center“, but it is mentioned on the MSDN Subscribers FAQ.

Use any web browser to edit FPSE Settings

I found this on SargeApacheFPSE – DebianWiki. It is a way to use any web browser with Apache Frontpage extensions on Linux. Very cool idea…just add it to your httpd.conf file.

# If you never want to allow .exe files to be downloaded from
 # your web server, follow's FAQ response and AddType
 # globally. Otherwise just use a LocationMatch so that
 # fpadmcgi.exe and family don't try to download when POSTed to.
 # This affects per-web/subweb administration.

AddType text/html .exe


BBS Doors tutorial (Part 1)

So you setup a WildCat! (a.k.a. Winserver) BBS and wonder what you’ll do with it. The most fun thing besides conferencing with people is probably Door Games. Ok so perhaps Doors can be more fun that conferences. I wanted to write about my experiences with Doors and offer some tips.

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