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Symantec AntiVirus and AOL

NOTE: This is not an exploit. This is not a vulnerability. This is simply a bug that makes management of clients more difficult / broken. Posting this to hopefully bring a bug in to the open that may not have been discovered yet at companies other than my own. If this was a flaw that allowed an exploit or if this allowed a system compromise then I would not post this. If anyone knows of other virtual adapters that cause this problem then I would appreciate emails listing the product and the MAC address that the product uses.

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Bad news on RPC DCOM vulnerability


There are few bad news on RPC DCOM vulnerability:

1. Universal exploit for MS03-039 exists in-the-wild, PINK FLOYD is
again actual.
2. It was reported by exploit author (and confirmed), Windows XP SP1
with all security fixes installed still vulnerable to variant of the
same bug. Windows 2000/2003 was not tested. For a while only DoS exploit
exists, but code execution is probably possible. Technical details are
sent to Microsoft, waiting for confirmation.

Dear ISPs. Please instruct you customers to use personal fireWALL in
Windows XP.
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Trustic – The Intelligent Blacklist

There is a cool new spam prevention system called Trustic. It is designed to be a trust system. Basically you vote on IP addresses to say if you would take mail from them or not. It was created by Mark Fletcher. He was the brain behind what is now Yahoo Groups. It is a very promising looking system. It’s in beta now so there are still some things to be fixed. Right now it works pretty darn well. I blocked 8000 pieces of spam around the world yesterday because of my contribution to the system. That’s one really cool thing about the system. Each day you get an email telling you how you have contributed to the system. This is really worth a look if you are a mail admin or even an end user of email services.


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