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Davy Crockett for President

At Fair Lawn Rescue the other night, someone mentioned an Abraham Lincoln quote when we were talking about the $700 Billion bailout of the financial industry. I wanted to look up that quote but found a few more that were appropriate, and show just how much the United States has drifted from its roots, and of course I think about the pointless war in Iraq, and how President non-Elect Bush has lied to us. The quote he was referring to turned out to be from Davy Crockett, but it was still very fitting.

“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Davy Crockett

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9/11 Four Years Later

It’s 9/11 again, and I can’t help but feel really really sad. Sometimes I look through the photos that I collected from various places. Even now… four years later.. it’s really hard to think about that day.

Today I’m just sitting at home, mowing the lawn, and trying not to be all bummed about what day it is. I guess though for those in the south this past week or so has been horrible this year. They have their own version of 9/11 except the sad thing is that George W. Bush brought this on them. His spending on his moronic war took away from costal defence both in dollars and in people that are over in Iraq. He’s such a putz. So anyway… while you throw money at the Red Cross because FEMA is unable to help the taxpayers of the south, remember that FEMA is failing the helpless animals down there too. North Shore Animal League has been one of the organizations that has stepped in to help. Rather than donating to the Red Cross I have decided to give to NSAL because I think it’s sad how FEMA and the Red Cross simply abandoned the animal population down there. Some would say that I’m crazy and that people come first. To those people I would say that the dogs and cats didn’t ask to live there. They didn’t ask to be left locked in apartments.. unable to run away… left to die. The people chose to live there. Many of them chose to stay through the storm. Some of them chose to loot. So if you are going to donate you should think about the cats, dogs, rabbits, hampsters, and more that never asked to be left behind… that the Federal Government refused to allow on evacuation buses… remember them.

A letter from New York to America

September 11, 2001
A letter from New York to America.
Author Unknown

Dear America,
We’re feeling better now, thank you for asking.

And thank you for sending us your brave rescue workers, your kind donations and your sincere prayers.

We know that you feel bad for us.

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Every U down in Uville liked U.S. a lot,
But the Binch, who lived Far East of Uville, did not.
The Binch hated U.S! the whole U.S. way!
Now don’t ask me why, for nobody can say,
It could be his turban was screwed on too tight.
Or the sun from the desert had beaten too bright
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.
But, Whatever the reason, his heart or his turban,
He stood facing Uville, the part that was urban.
“They’re doing their business,” he snarled from his perch.
“They’re raising their families! They’re going to church!
They’re leading the world, and their empire is thriving,
I MUST keep the S’s and U’s from surviving!”
Tomorrow, he knew, all the U’s and the S’s,
Would put on their pants and their shirts and their dresses,
They’d go to their offices, playgrounds and schools,
And abide by their U and S values and rules,
And then they’d do something he liked least of all,
Every U down in U-ville, the tall and the small,
Would stand all united, each U and each S,
And they’d sing Uville’s anthem, “God bless us! God bless!”
All around their Twin Towers of Uville, they’d stand,
and their voices would drown every sound in the land.
“I must stop that singing,” Binch said with a smirk,
And he had an idea–an idea that might work!
The Binch stole some U airplanes in U morning hours,
And crashed them right into the Uville Twin Towers.
“They’ll wake to disaster!” he snickered, so sour,
“And how can they sing when they can’t find a tower?”
The Binch cocked his ear as they woke from their sleeping,
All set to enjoy their U-wailing and weeping,
Instead he heard something that started quite low,
And it built up quite slow, but it started to grow–
And the Binch heard the most unpredictable thing…
And he couldn’t believe it–they started to sing!
He stared down at U-ville, not trusting his eyes,
What he saw was a shocking, disgusting surprise!
Every U down in U-ville, the tall and the small,
Was singing! Without any towers at all!
He HADN’T stopped U-Ville from singing! It sung!
For down deep in the hearts of the old and the young,
Those Twin Towers were standing, called Hope and called Pride,
And you can’t smash the towers we hold deep inside.
So we circle the sites where our heroes did fall,
With a hand in each hand of the tall and the small,
And we mourn for our losses while knowing we’ll cope,
For we still have inside that U-Pride and U-Hope.
For America means a bit more than tall towers,
It means more than wealth or political powers,
It’s more than our enemies ever could guess,
So may G-d bless America! Bless us! G-d bless!

Full Text of President Bush’s Address tonight

I came across the full text of President Bush’s address to the nation that he gave tonight. Might be of interest to someone. Personally I dislike Bush as a person and a President. I do hope that the next President is better. Seeing Bush follow a jerk like Clinton, I’m not sure that it’s possible we’ll have a good President any time soon. I suppose to be President you have to be a little wack though. It’s not something I would ever want. Hell I don’t even want to be a manager in my workplace. 🙂 The full text of his address follows…

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Gay Weddings

Lately in the news everyone is talking about Gay Weddings. I have been thinking to myself that I’m not sure how the government should say one way or the other about who gets married. I also don’t understand about how unmarried gay couples can get health insurance, but my girlfriend and I can’t because we are not a gay couple. In my opinion gay and straight couples should be able to get domestic partner health insurance, and everyone should be able to get married. Enough already with the bullshit. It’s such a waste of everyones time for the government to involve themselves in marriage. Allowing straight people to have domestic partnerships, and all the benefits of that status, and allowing gay people to be married would put an end to so much drama.

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m27 Coalition

If you have not been to yet then I suggest that you quickly do so now. On March 27, 2003 and potentially other days following it they are going to randomly shut down streets in New York City. They claim this is in protest to the conflict in Iraq. What they are doing is a crime. What they are doing endangers lives. There are other ways to protest that do not put people at risk. New York city is not the place to shut down streets at random for any reason.

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Heads up…
May be nothing but I have seen this mentioned through several news feeds I
read. Just be aware if you need to get around NYC tomorrow there may or may
not be closed streets. The website below has details locations that may be

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