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Kali Linux install on a Lenovo T430s

I have been working with Kali Linux lately for the pentest tools, and to keep my skills current. To that end I wanted to put the latest version of Kali on a Lenovo T430s laptop. I started with the kali-linux-2016.1-amd64.iso download. Then I wrote that to a USB key using Universal USB Installer ( ) and tried to install Kali on my laptop.

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Actiontec double bridge with FiOS

When I lived in NJ I had FiOS with an Ethernet connection to the ONT and I was able to use any router I wanted to, and have a DMZ and do anything I wanted. I moved to NY and didn’t even think about it until it was too late, but the existing coax was used. This left me with only the ability to NAT my 13 public IPs to internal hosts. I couldn’t expose anything except a single host using the DMZ setting on the Actiontec. Also the Actiontec has a terribly small NAT table so it’s not great.

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