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LazyKali reboot

I am making available the beginning of a re-write of what I think is a helpful utility for Kali Linux systems. These systems are used for penetration testing, and are not typically day-to-day systems. I find myself doing the same installs and maintenance with every re-install of Kali so I wanted to create a tool to simplify this. It appears that until about 3 years ago someone else had a similar idea, but they seem to have abandoned it. If anyone knows if there is a current version of lazykali out there in the Interweb could you please point me to it so that I might contribute to that instead of maintaining this fork. If Reaperz73 sees this please contact me to let me know you are out there.

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Kali Linux install on a Lenovo T430s

I have been working with Kali Linux lately for the pentest tools, and to keep my skills current. To that end I wanted to put the latest version of Kali on a Lenovo T430s laptop. I started with the kali-linux-2016.1-amd64.iso download. Then I wrote that to a USB key using Universal USB Installer ( ) and tried to install Kali on my laptop.

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HP Mini 1101 Audio & Ubuntu NetBook Remix

If you have an HP Mini 1101 and try loading Ubuntu Netbook Remix and are sad your audio doesn’t work because it uses ALSA 1.0.18 then just follow these easy steps in this article to move to 1.0.20 and bam… sound… listening to right now.


Rootkit Hunter 1.0 released

So Rootkit Hunter 1.0 was released. For those that don’t know what a rootkit is; It is usually an automated way of taking control of a computer and it usually hides the intrusion. Usually you see rootkits on UNIX / Linux / BSD systems, but the term could refer to any platform I believe. The “root” part of rootkit refers to the root user on a UNIX box that has full control of the system, and “kit” is because it’s like a kit that is all set up nice for you with the tools needed to break in to a system. So anyways… the reason I’m happy about this release is because I have a few minutes of fame in the Changelog. If you read it you’ll see…

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