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Can you overfeed an infant?

For Stacey and I the birth of Erikson has been almost like the birth of a first child. Even though both of us have been through the first years of raising children before, we feel as though we can’t remember any of what went on. Perhaps the sleep deprivation causes memory loss during the early days. Everything seems new, and a lot harder than when we were younger. We think maybe we’re old. 🙂

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So sick

I’m so very sick. My daughter Sophia was sick a few days ago, and still has a little bit of a cold, but I was sure I would make it through unscathed. It’s simply not possible to stay healthy when she has a cold. Inevitably she always manages to take her pacifier out of her mouth and pop it in to my mouth when I least suspect it. I’ll be sitting with her relaxing as she gets sleepy for bed and bam… pacifier in my mouth. I guess it could be worse. She used to hit me in the head with her books. Today I would gladly take a black eye over this runny nose and DayQuil induced haze that is making me a zombie. Gotta get home from the Parsippany, NJ office and get some rest.

Broken Leg (3rd Week)

So the third week of my broken leg has almost passed. I saw the Dr. on Monday. Got a prescription for Physical Therapy. So far in the past week I had a dream that a screw fell out and I had a lump on my leg from it… and last night I thought my friend Rob took my crutches and forgot to bring them back. Why can’t I dream about swimsuit models rubbing my leg or something like that?

New Doctor

So I saw Dr. Elliot from the Hospital for Special Surgery today. He’s great. However it turns out that 6 weeks after the surgery I won’t be able to walk. I’ll be in something called an air splint. Apparently I’ll be in it right through the wedding. From what he said I can wear pants and shoes with it on and nobody will see it so it’s not terrible. He put me on Aspirin to prevent blood clots. (Another thing the sucky Stony Brook Doctor forgot to do.) The only thing that kind of bothered me was that the Vikodin prescription he wrote for me was missing my name so my pharmacy won’t fill it. 😦 It’s ok though because I still have Oxycodone left. Still he’s a wonderful Doctor. Guess nothing is perfect.


More tales from the Broken leg

So today the Physicians Assistant called and said she forgot to tell the Doctor to call me! What? Apparently I’m really just not an important patient. Please avoid Stony Brook University Hospital if you want anyone to ever follow up on anything. I told them I would never see them again, and I got a new Doctor from the Hospital for Special Surgery. I see him tomorrow at 10:30am. They were able to make an appointment for me right away and my personal Physician was able to get me a referral on the spot. Tomorrow I’ll see if things go ok. As it is now I’m nervous about the plate and screws in my leg because these Stony Brook people are so horrible at every interaction I have had with them. I am freaking out that maybe they did a poor job on my ankle. Tomorrow I’ll know.

Broken leg! update

We’re in week number 2 of my broken leg. So today I went back to Stony Brook to get X-rays and have my splint removed. I got to my Orthopedic Surgeon’s office on time only to find that he was in surgery and would not be seeing me. So a Physician’s Assistant took it off instead. This annoyed me because it’s a 2 hour drive to the doctor and he basically begged me to follow up with him instead of somewhere else. Well once the splint came off I found out why I’ve been downing Oxycodone like Pez candy. The stupid splint was cutting in to my foot this past week. I made them X-ray the cut up area and asked them to have the Doctor call me to discuss this. He never called. WTF? So now I’m wearing a removable boot which is nice because I can clean my foot and it isn’t as awkward as the cast.

Broken leg!

So it’s Monday afternoon. I just got home from Stony Brook University Hospital. On Saturday I was spending time with friends in Coram, Long Island when my leg just went out from under me. Some damp leaves would make the next 6 to 8 weeks of my life miserable. When I went down I heard a pop… hoped that what I heard was a dislocation… but it wasn’t. Freak that I am I actually got to my car and drove myself to the hospital because I didn’t want to waste some EMT’s time by calling an ambulance for me, but I knew I needed an x-ray.

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