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Revolution is not an AOL Keyword*

bIPlog: Revolution is not an AOL Keyword by Eddan Katz is a powerful bit of prose, particularly for those of us who need reminding that we must step back from the keyboard now and then.

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The Chronicles of George

Did you ever work with a really dumb Technician at a computing job? Of course you did. That person was probably just like George.

The Chronicles of George ( ) is all about that guy, or girl, who we’ve all worked with that is dumb as a stump. Where you think to yourself that killing them in the parking lot might benefit humanity. I have worked with many Georges during the course of my career. Every time one of them leaves, another one replaces him. Perhaps there is a factory that produces these people. Every so often they improve on the stupidity, and so they recall all the Georges and release the new batch.


A nice article about AOL Time Warner :)

I found this article and laughed and laughed…

The Glossies: Why AOL TW Must Die

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What do we know about stinky?

  • He has two cats
  • His definition of “fun filled” deviates significantly from that of the general population
  • He doesn’t know how to link to other web pages
  • He lives with someone who wears scrubs

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