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Social Media updates and me

It’s been so long since I posted last. Life got kinda crazy this past year. Before 2005 everyone knew me as a pretty social person, and I would try out every social network there was from Friendster to Orkut to MySpace, well, you get the idea. I used to even run a BBS in recent history. I’m going to start cleaning up my accounts that live all over the place and get back in to knowing more about how everything works. Playing with Social Media, gadgets, reading news sites… those things made me good at my job, and I honestly have been slacking. So here and there I’ll update my blog as I clean up my accounts and if I stumble across new and cool things I will most definitely post about them.

For my first update I’m cleaning up my and my LinkedIn pages. AboutMe is sort of like a business card online. You put a little bit of information about you, and links to all of the Social Media sites you are on. LinkedIn is like FaceBook but for business contacts. It’s a good way to keep in contact with co-workers who have left, and not have them see your embarrassing FaceBook posts. 🙂

So welcome back to me and maybe I’ll post something interesting. For now it’s just me updating things.



So I am late to the party, but I’m finally checking out Foursquare. It’s a cool social site, and while it does have New York City where I work and sometimes go places…. it does not have New City where I live and would love to use it. So I beg anyone who sees this… please go to and put in a vote for New City, New York, US and I’ll be your best friend. If you join Foursquare be sure to friend me.

Roby visits China

So my friend Rob is in China… He’s been posting to his blog about it. He’s always been good at adapting to new places and languages. In China they have this program for Law students on Intellectual Property that Rob thought would be interesting. Plus maybe he can meet a nice Chinese / Jewish girl that he can bring home. 🙂 So he comes back in a month. He’s kind of lucky he’s missing out on my move to my new house in 2 days. When he comes back I’ll be all moved in and probably my leg will be healed up. Just in time for my bachelor party.


Blood Donations

I’m slightly pooped today. Work has been hard, and I gave blood for somoene at work. My co-worker’s daughter has Lukemia. If someone in New York City wants to donate blood or platelets to help keep her alive please email me and I will tell you her name so you can donate for her. Everyone should donate blood, and platelets when you can, even if you don’t know someone specific that needs it. Platelets takes about 2.5 hours so it’s something to do less frequently, but blood donations take about 30 minutes from start to finish. It’s easy, and besides it might lower your chances of heart disease. Plus you will have the joy of knowing that a pint of yourself helped somone that was dying, and that they carry some of you with them for the rest of their life. From a Karma point of view you can’t get much better than that. So get out and donate… please.


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