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Phoenix Boutique

My wife has had a little bit of an obsession with LuLaRoe and then Charlie’s Project. She finds all sorts of interesting leggings and clothing from them. Some she sells and some she keeps. It’s been a bit of a hobby for a little bit for her. The other day she created a Facebook group;

Phoenix Boutique

It’s where she will post the stuff she is selling. She only charges about $3 shipping if the person isn’t local. Usually she tries to just break even on the shipping, and she tries to sell things for a reasonable price. I hope she does well enough to be happy with it because it’s fun for her to get cool things and find people who want those things. Right now it’s Charlie’s Project clothes, candles, and soaps. If you have any interest then check out her FaceBook group. Trying to spread the word because it makes her happy.


Can you overfeed an infant?

For Stacey and I the birth of Erikson has been almost like the birth of a first child. Even though both of us have been through the first years of raising children before, we feel as though we can’t remember any of what went on. Perhaps the sleep deprivation causes memory loss during the early days. Everything seems new, and a lot harder than when we were younger. We think maybe we’re old. 🙂

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Brandon (Day 6)

Today Brandon is 6 days old. He has to go to the hospital to get a checkup, but he would rather sleep all day than go out so he can plan to stay up all night. 2 days until the bris. That will be a day I wish I could skip past. Not much else going on. Sophia has a cold and I still have an ear infection, but we are getting better.


Sophia continues to be too cute

Little 2 1/2 year old Sophia said “I love you da da” this morning for the first time. So hard to leave her for work after that.

So sick

I’m so very sick. My daughter Sophia was sick a few days ago, and still has a little bit of a cold, but I was sure I would make it through unscathed. It’s simply not possible to stay healthy when she has a cold. Inevitably she always manages to take her pacifier out of her mouth and pop it in to my mouth when I least suspect it. I’ll be sitting with her relaxing as she gets sleepy for bed and bam… pacifier in my mouth. I guess it could be worse. She used to hit me in the head with her books. Today I would gladly take a black eye over this runny nose and DayQuil induced haze that is making me a zombie. Gotta get home from the Parsippany, NJ office and get some rest.

Welcome Sophia Rae Levitsky

Sophia Rae Levitsky
10 pounds 10 ounces
Born 2/21/07 @ 11:08 pm.


Moved out of NYC

So I have pretty much moved to NJ. I dragged all my junk from NYC to NJ yesterday. Here I sit in my new apartment. Here’s a tip to anyone moving to NJ. When you call PSE&G for Electric and Gas be sure to ask if the gas will actually be turned on when you start your service. In my case it is not on. This sucks. No hot water, no oven, no laundry dryer. So I sit here unable to shower or wash my clothes or even cook a meal. Aside from that I love the new place. More later.


Gay Weddings

Lately in the news everyone is talking about Gay Weddings. I have been thinking to myself that I’m not sure how the government should say one way or the other about who gets married. I also don’t understand about how unmarried gay couples can get health insurance, but my girlfriend and I can’t because we are not a gay couple. In my opinion gay and straight couples should be able to get domestic partner health insurance, and everyone should be able to get married. Enough already with the bullshit. It’s such a waste of everyones time for the government to involve themselves in marriage. Allowing straight people to have domestic partnerships, and all the benefits of that status, and allowing gay people to be married would put an end to so much drama.

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