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Gavin & Stacey

So a few months ago I went to London on Eos Airlines. They are Chapter 11 now, but they were a super airline. They had a little movie player you could watch tons of BBC stuff on during the flight. I saw a single episode of Gavin & Stacey and was hooked. Such a really great show that reminds me a lot of Dharma & Greg here in the US. In both shows the female lead is a blonde, and in the first episode of D&G they get married. In the second episode of G&S they get engaged. G&S though just has such a warm feeling to it. I have co-workers in London that were kind enough to send me episode 1 & 2 from season 1 so I just got to see those tonight. I really really miss London. Seeing some of the scenes in some of the places I traveled to was nice. Sitting here in Fair Lawn, NJ I always wonder what life would be like if my wife would let us pack our bags and live in some other country. When I have been in Poland, London, and Israel it’s crazy how nice everyone is. In London folks that work together actually go to the Pub after work to hang out. Maybe it’s just me but, there are only about 10 people at work I could stand to spend any time with outside the office, but long commutes home really don’t make it possible. Anyways… if you have never watched Gavin & Stacey you should check it out. YouTube has some clips, and you can buy season 1 from and shipping is about $16 right now. (8 pound is about $16.) I got a few other shows too. They are all Region 2 encoded which means you need something that can crack and rip them or else you need a Region 2 DVD player and a PAL to NTSC converter. I will never understand why the US and UK have different region codes. Movie/TV studios put this stuff in to protect sales, but in the end they lose sales and the customer loses as well. Such a shame when such great shows come out of the UK, and such terrible regurgitations come out of the US.


Project Greenlight

So I’m not sure why I watched it again, but I just had to watch the drama unfold again this week. I’ve been watching the HBO show Project Greenlight which is where writers and “directors” enter a contest to produce a movie. The reason I write “directors” that way is that the current directors Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle suck. They are the biggest bunch of fucking babies I have seen in a very long time. They don’t understand how to work with others, and they can’t even communicate just between the two of them. Last night was so funny. There was a scene in a limo outside a church. After yelling “cut”, Kyle and Efram each approach the limo from opposite sides. They then give opposite feedback to the actors. What are the actors supposed to do with that? They then have a bitch-fest for 1 hour where they complain that the Mirimax people are making them look silly by giving feedback. Kyle and Efram would like them to use note cards if they have feedback. I could really go on and on about these two losers. There is just so much to talk about that I have a hard time sticking to one example. At the end of the day they basically lost the last scene because the sun set. Humm….. why did the sun set? Oh Kyle and Efram didn’t start shooting until 10:30am and then they had a 1 hour bitch-fest. In their usual style they blame everyone but themselves for the problems of the day. Damn… gotta wait another week before I can see Kyle and Efram fuck up a Mirimax film again. Sucks. Wish the weekend would come already.


Paradise Hotel

So there is this show on TV called Paradise Hotel. It is a show on the FOX television networks. If you haven’t watched it then I think you should. It is on every Monday and Wednesday night. Basically to stay at the Paradise Hotel you have to hook up with someone. It’s kind of like Survivor, but you have to have sex rather than eat bugs. Anyways it’s a trashy show, and normally I wouldn’t say it was worth watching, but you have to see these people that are just full of themselves. There’s this bitch Amanda that hooked up with 3 guys and then her ex-boyfriend was brought on the show. She lied to him and said she kissed one guy… like he wouldn’t see the crap she was pulling on TV? Next he asked her to leave the hotel to be with him. She told him she loved him, but she had to finish the game. She had to know that she could finish it. Now ask yourself… what is it that she has to do? She has to sleep around. Yah.. she loves him so much that she’s going to sleep with other men on national TV. Then she’s going to go home and her parents are going to have to deal with the fact that their daughter disrespected them on national TV. These people are such losers that it makes the show fun to watch. You watch it and think to yourself… wow… I have a great life. Watch the show on FOX… I promise that whatever shit is going on in your life is nothing compared to these lunatics.

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