I just got a Sodastream machine from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Got it home and I really have to say I love it. It was simple to setup, but I will say that the samples they give are a little bit wacky. I know they probably want to drive people to try flavors that don’t usually sell, but I had no regular Cola sample which I thought was weird. Once I tried the Diet Cola and Diet Root Beer and liked them I went online and ordered a few flavors.

Diet Cherry Cola tastes like regular which is pretty good. Also like the Ginger Ale. Haven’t gotten to try the Grape Kool-Aid but I’m a big fan of Welches Grape Soda so I’m hopeful. Each of the syrup containers makes 50 of the 1-litre bottles of soda. The one I got needs no electricity. The one thing to keep in mind is there is a CO2 canister in it that will run out of gas, but you can swap it out like you do a propane tank at wherever you bought the unit. You can buy a spare for like $50 if you want to have one on hand.

My only complaints are these three; I’m such a fan of Diet Pepsi that I wish they would get on board with this and sell the syrup. The other issue is that you have to pour the syrup in to the cap of the container to measure it. Don’t fill it to the tippy top or you may find the drink is too strong. Lastly the cap is a pain to pour in to the 1-litre bottle. I’ve found myself pouring from the cap to a measuring cup and then in to the bottle. If you get the system you’ll immediately see why. Another option would be using a funnel. Don’t pour the syrup too fast or it’ll fizz all over the table…. as I learned.

It’s a really great system. It lets you have a variety of soda at the house to switch at any time. Because it’s a 1-litre bottle it doesn’t go flat before you finish. I’ll never run in to the situation where I’d love a fizzy soda and don’t have one. Pretty cool idea.