Once upon a time I used DropBox to sync files to the cloud and share them. Worked great. Then GoogleDrive came along and I thought they would really improve things. I switched over to it. In both cases I was paying for the storage because I use around 50Gb of space. For anyone contemplating a cloud storage/sharing service I can say beyond a doubt that DropBox beats GoogleDrive hands down. The GoogleDrive application has crashing issues, issues syncing files all the time to the point where I can’t trust that my folders are in sync, and no notification/update method for their application so I’m left to constantly go to the website and see if a new version is there. Anyways the DropBox app is even nicer now than before and I just wanted to let friends know that if you are thinking about switching to GoogleDrive…. DON’T. If you are on GoogleDrive and you see the app crashes and out of sync folders then join me over on DropBox http://db.tt/kZkRRKy3 and enjoy something that just works. Plus they have a new app called Mailbox http://www.mailboxapp.com/ which is pretty cool. I downloaded it, and hope it’s better than SaneBox https://www.sanebox.com/ but SaneBox is really nice so if it ain’t then I’ll use SaneBox. šŸ™‚ If you haven’t looked at SaneBox I highly recommend taking a look.