Where I work I’m in charge of Desktop Engineering. We have a responsibility for every laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc… device in the environment at a very high level. We create the base images that go on the computer systems, we package the software that goes out to them. There is a staff of Desktop Support folks who will implement thing my group creates, and they also provide the direct support to the users at the company. Those Desktop Support folks see a wide range of issues. When they don’t know how to fix something they escalate the issue to my group.

As I watch the tickets come to my group we can solve most things quickly because most things are repeats of the past in one way or another. Sometimes we can incorporate fixes in our images and push out changes to existing machines, but some things are caused by bugs in software or user error as well as, sometimes, technician error. For these things that crop up all the time I created a solution called the Common Problem Repair system, or CPRs for short. I’m developing it on GitHub so that others can contribute to it as well.

For now there is a Mac and a Windows version. The Mac one is pretty well thought out. It’s designed to go in a system like Absolute Manage or Casper where the user runs it themselves even if they aren’t an admin. The Windows script only does a couple of things, and the time I wrote this post. It’s also just a DOS batch file. I am open to converting it to PowerShell or vbScript or anything else as long as it is an open format so folks wouldn’t need to buy something like WinBatch to edit and compile it. (I do love WinBatch despite the cost.)

CPRs for Mac: http://bit.ly/Z8ky8O

CPRs for Windows: http://bit.ly/105A8Rw

Once the user runs the package through your distribution system it would reboot their machine. On the Mac the reboot is coded in the script already. Following the reboot the user should be ok unless the problem is more involved and requires a Desktop Support person to fix it.

Please let me know what you think, and if you see a way to improve things I appreciate the help.