Last year I did the 5k run/walk from Brooklyn to Ground Zero in full firefighter turnout gear. It was more of a walk than a run in all that gear. It was exhausting, but when you get to the end you realize walking for this charity is so very worthwhile. We lost a lot of good people on 9/11. We lose more good people every day who worked at the pile trying to save people, and then for a long while after trying to respect the remains of those who died. 

If you want to give to a good cause please click this link:

Thanks for listening and if you will be there for the 2010 run/walk let me know if you need someone to walk with. I don’t know yet if I’ll do it in full turnout gear, but if there were other firefighters who wanted to then I would consider it. Just don’t expect a lot of running from me 🙂


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  1. Hey Josh,
    I found your blog while doing a “tunnel to towers” search! I'll be there for my 7th year, it's a great event and very worthwhile as you mentioned. I always try to get a few “new” participants to come along every year, I will be bringing two fellow FF from Ohio this year, one is an Iraq vet as well and he's looking forward to participating. Anyway, just wanted to say hi to a fellow TTTR participant, we will be helping out with the Manhattan registrations and merchandise sales all day Saturday maybe we'll see you there!


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