A second large earthquake has just hit Haiti. This one was a 6.1 magnitude quake on the Mercalli Scale. Last week’s quake was a 7.0, and while there have been 49 aftershocks since then of at least 4.5, this is the first that approaches the earlier massive quake. It seems the previous January 12th quake, and aftershocks that followed, had already done so much damage that this new large one had not much else to destroy. That is pretty depressing. If you hadn’t planned to donate before please know that there are multiple ways to donate to the relief effort. Please consider even a small donation.


  • Via TXT message from your cell phone by sending “haiti” to 90999







  • Indie + Relief – Buy an App for your Mac or iPhone and the $ goes to Haiti.


If you know of other groups who are working in Haiti that could use support please feel free to post the URLs in the comments.