I picked up a couple of Internet domain names that I think I’d like to build sites for, but I just don’t have the time right now to build them. Instead of just letting the domains sit I thought I’d give GoDaddy’s CashParking a try. It feels so sleazy to setup a parked site with paid ads, but otherwise the domains would just sit and do nothing. I don’t imagine I’ll earn very much, but I’ve never done this before so figured it would be good to at least see if it could bring some revenue in while a domain sits idle. I’ll probably feel so sick over setting up these parked sites that it’ll motivate me to put a real site up quickly.

http://www.enterpriseadmin.org/ – This will be some kind of informational site for folks like me who work in a large enterprise as an admin of desktops and servers. 

http://www.oseadmin.org/ – This will be along the same lines but for Open Systems Engineering admins. OSE would be anything in the Linux, GNU, GPL realm.

If anyone has any good ideas or would like to help me build either site in to something really useful please contact me. My idea of what each site should have in it would be along the lines of what http://www.macenterprise.org/ has for Mac admins, but I never liked the layout of that site. I’m open to designing the site on almost anything that can run on Ubuntu or running it on Squarespace where this site lives.