I’m finally thinking I’m going to be a little more professional about my computer consulting work. I do it all the time, but all too often I waffle on actually charging people. Sure it’s good to help a friend out. I definitely still believe that, but if I brought my car to a mechanic friend or myself to a doctor friend I would assume they would need to charge me. Sure the doctor friend might waive the $15 co-pay, but he’s still going to get the rest from insurance. I think computers should be the same. I’ll not rip off a friend, but I should get something for the work.

Even as I write this I wonder to myself if a friend will see this and feel badly. I would say don’t feel badly because I most likely told you not to pay me. In one case my wife wouldn’t let me accept money even when I broke down and let a neighbor pay me. I imagine though with baby number 2 coming on Monday that she’ll be more likely to let me take the money. 🙂

So I wonder to myself what prices folks are charging, and how much I should charge friends vs. strangers. I’d still probably work for free for someone unemployed who needed their computer to find a job… or at least I’d defer asking for money until they had a job. Too many folks are without a job these days. Hopefully it’ll get better.