So at work I got to play with a Verizon Droid and an Eris phone. The Droid runs Android 2.0 and the Eris has Android 1.6. I had hopes we could use ActiveSync on them to connect to our Exchange environment. Sadly it seems like because we have a password policy in Exchange for mobile devices, the phones won’t get mail. Seems like the Global Address list isn’t available no matter what. All I could get on the Android 2.0 phone (I didn’t bother with the Eris since it’s an older OS) was my calendar. I don’t know why Google did this so half-assed, but Palm did the same thing with the Pre. We couldn’t get the Pre going with ActiveSync either unless we turned off the password policy. I don’t know if that is still the case for the Pre’s WebOS.

Do people really deploy Smart Phone devices with no password policy? Is anyone that stupid?

So we’ll continue to be a Blackberry / iPhone shop, and these 2 phones go back to Verizon. I really loved the Droid’s display, camera and it was fast. I was not a fan of the weight, dimensions, and flat keyboard. It felt heavy and awkward to hold. The iPhone is still king for me as far as Smart Phones even if AT&T sucks ass for voice service.