So this year I decided to finally do the Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk. Every year I glance at it on TV but I don’t tend to watch any 9/11 stuff for very long because it still bothers me. Still I always thought it would be healthy to do something positive to get my mind of of the bad stuff.

If you click the link above you can sponsor me and give money to good causes. I signed up as a walking Firefighter so the 3.1 miles shouldn’t be hard at all for me physically. Next year maybe I’ll be able to sign up as a running Firefighter, but this year I’m just not there yet. If you are like me and you find September to be a painful time then maybe this year at least go down to see the events because obviously sitting and doing nothing but stay away from 9/11 stuff hasn’t helped even 8 years later so why not try something new?