I woke up at 5:30am today thinking I’d be really productive. Caught the 6:05am bus to the city. Got in to the office at 6:30am and found a note on my office door saying that they cleaning people couldn’t open the door. Here at work we have these stupid sliding doors that normally would go in a pocket, but here they don’t. So a box fell over somehow and ended up in the space where the door slides making it so the door only opens about 1/2″. Great start to the day. No way to open the door. I called maintenance but they get in at 8am so I’m sitting in an empty cubicle in front of my office waiting for maintenance to come try to take my door off the rails or something.

Is there a lesson here? Sure it could be not to put a box in my office near my door, but I think the lesson is not to wake up at 5:30am to work an extra 2 hours. Better to stay in bed since nobody cares that I came in early anyway, and it’s not like there won’t always be more work to do no matter how hard I work.