So for a while I have had a really crummy website on Google. I used to have a information filled website long ago. I got tired of running all the equipment at home and honestly once I was married I have never again had the free time to just screw around with operating systems as much as I used to. I had seen some Squarespace ads on some Podcasts I watch and since it seems like a powerful, but simple platform I thought I would give it a whirl again to have a useful site. I imported my blog from Blogger so all my stuff is here which is nice.

Two complaints about porting blogs to Squarespace;

  1. Pictures don’t actually import. Sure if you look at my blog entries you’ll see pictures, but if you look at the locations of the pictures you will see they are still stored at Google. I’ll have to see which pictures I care about and change that.
  2. Don’t try to import your Blogger blog using a GoogleApps email address. You’ll get an error every time. Just use a address that is associated with your GoogleApps email though and you will be fine.

Minor things really. It has been stupid simple to set this up. Once I get my content posted again like “A tale of 2 HALs” and other useful articles then I’ll try and dabble in editing the theme used for the site.