It’s 9/11 again, and I can’t help but feel really really sad. Sometimes I look through the photos that I collected from various places. Even now… four years later.. it’s really hard to think about that day.

Today I’m just sitting at home, mowing the lawn, and trying not to be all bummed about what day it is. I guess though for those in the south this past week or so has been horrible this year. They have their own version of 9/11 except the sad thing is that George W. Bush brought this on them. His spending on his moronic war took away from costal defence both in dollars and in people that are over in Iraq. He’s such a putz. So anyway… while you throw money at the Red Cross because FEMA is unable to help the taxpayers of the south, remember that FEMA is failing the helpless animals down there too. North Shore Animal League has been one of the organizations that has stepped in to help. Rather than donating to the Red Cross I have decided to give to NSAL because I think it’s sad how FEMA and the Red Cross simply abandoned the animal population down there. Some would say that I’m crazy and that people come first. To those people I would say that the dogs and cats didn’t ask to live there. They didn’t ask to be left locked in apartments.. unable to run away… left to die. The people chose to live there. Many of them chose to stay through the storm. Some of them chose to loot. So if you are going to donate you should think about the cats, dogs, rabbits, hampsters, and more that never asked to be left behind… that the Federal Government refused to allow on evacuation buses… remember them.