We’re in week number 2 of my broken leg. So today I went back to Stony Brook to get X-rays and have my splint removed. I got to my Orthopedic Surgeon’s office on time only to find that he was in surgery and would not be seeing me. So a Physician’s Assistant took it off instead. This annoyed me because it’s a 2 hour drive to the doctor and he basically begged me to follow up with him instead of somewhere else. Well once the splint came off I found out why I’ve been downing Oxycodone like Pez candy. The stupid splint was cutting in to my foot this past week. I made them X-ray the cut up area and asked them to have the Doctor call me to discuss this. He never called. WTF? So now I’m wearing a removable boot which is nice because I can clean my foot and it isn’t as awkward as the cast.