So it’s Monday afternoon. I just got home from Stony Brook University Hospital. On Saturday I was spending time with friends in Coram, Long Island when my leg just went out from under me. Some damp leaves would make the next 6 to 8 weeks of my life miserable. When I went down I heard a pop… hoped that what I heard was a dislocation… but it wasn’t. Freak that I am I actually got to my car and drove myself to the hospital because I didn’t want to waste some EMT’s time by calling an ambulance for me, but I knew I needed an x-ray.

I got to the ER and found out I broke my tibia in multiple places. OUCH! One of the orthopedic surgeons was a complete tool. When he first saw me he said I’d be out the next day. When I next saw him the next day he said he never said that to me. Right after that he told me that maybe I’d be able to go home that night. So I go in to surgery and find out that in fact I have to stay 24 hours because that is standard. What a piece of garbage that little punk was. Why can’t doctors just give you reasonable expectations of what is going to happen? Other than that putz the rest of the staff was nice. I got my Oxycodone and my Morphine.
When they finally sent me home today I was given 30 Oxycodone pills that I was supposed to take 2 of every 4 hours. You may say .. well that’s only like 3 days of meds. Yup. Thank g-d they are mailing me a new script to get more pills.
So here I sit in complete pain. Titanium plate in my ankle. Sometimes life just blows.