I read this article and just could not believe the nasty tone. What is so wrong with a Jewish organization making an ambulance company to cater to the community? Is it any more wrong to make a Catholic High School? Or what about Catholic Homes for the Elderly? Why do these things exist? Because a community knows how to serve itself better than an outsider. Why can’t a Catholic go to a secular school and learn religion after school? My answer is that they should not have to. If resources exist to customize a program for a group, and private money is funding it then I see no reason to avoid making that service available. The author of that blog entry implies that FDNY is somehow better prepared to handle medical calls. I don’t see how that is the case. A volunteer and a FDNY employee both go through the same EMT or Medic class. A volunteer might only respond to 2 calls in a day which means he is not as tired or frustrated as the FDNY guy that has been on 8 runs already, and the FDNY guy quite possibly could just care about his paycheck.

The volunteer wants to be there. Additionally the volunteers carry Oxygen, Defib, and trauma gear in their personal vehicles. So if it takes 30 seconds for a volunteer to respond then they can begin treatment minutes before a FDNY crew would arrive. Additionally if a Jew passes away, a volunteer will not leave the body unattended because they know it is not permissable. When you call FDNY what are the chances that they will have a Jewish EMT on board that will be willing to sit for 4 hours with a body while the funeral home comes? What are the chances that they would be allowed to even if they knew the body couldn’t be left alone? What about understanding that Jewish girls have some issues with being touched? When a volunteer responds to a Jewish girl they walk in with an understanding of how to treat the person without making them upset. They also walk in with an understanding of Hebrew and many times Yiddish which can help in some neighborhoods in Brooklyn where English is the second language.

The simple fact is that ambulances like this one are needed. They are needed just as much as Catholic Schools are needed. If tomorrow there was a Christian Volunteer Ambulance I would support it 100% if they were well trained, would respond to anyone in need, and offered value to their community as well as taking burden off the 911 system. I can’t help but think that the author of that article is just a bitter sad little person, or someone that just doesn’t like Jews. I am not quick to throw out the anti-semite card, but I have to ask myself what the motivation of that article was. G-d forbid they should ever need help.