Long long ago I used to run a BBS called Hat-Mat II. Before that Haz-Mat, and at one point it was Roadkill. All of them run on the Apple ][GS. I used to love them. So the other day someone pointed me to an old board that is now reachable via telnet. It brought back lots of memories. So I have owned WildCat! 5 for more than 3 years now without doing anything with it. I bought it right after 9/11 when I was in a down mood and thought a BBS might cheer me up. Well I never did anything with it. So since I moved to NJ I have been finding lots of free time. I bought the 6.0 update and some add-ons and have the board up and running. Right now it’s nothing flashy at all. Just works and has some games, but I’m going to get it up and running on FidoNet in the next week or two, and have other plans to make it nice. If you want to see it just…

telnet bbs.haz-matiii.com

I have a really cool game on there called Global War which is like RISK and is so much fun. If you are not a fan of Telnet then you can always download the WildCat! Navigator and connect with that. It’s a pretty nice messaging client for BBSing. I assume on Linux you can run it in WINE because it’s so simplistic.

In the coming weeks I will post tips about setting things up on WildCat! systems to help anyone else that would like to get up and running with a BBS. With privacy slowly slipping away in the United States, I feel that my BBS is my last place that I can express myself without the government getting up in my face. Sure this blog is nice, but it’s still out there on the public Internet. I think we’re going to see a lot of community systems appear to protect freedom of speech since the government has no care to.