I was running iPhoto 4 when I noticed that if a closed the window then the app would exit too. I thought to myself.. humm.. that is strange. Sure enough Apple designed it that way. Funny thing is that Mail does not act the same way. Some apps exit when the last window closes, and some don’t. In my mind that only causes confusion for computer users. Shame on Apple for not following the same design for all their iApps. I subitted this feedback to Apple;

While I actually like when apps exit when the last window closes, this doesn’t appear to be Apple’s ‘standard’ design practice. Either all Apps from Apple should exit when the last window closes or none should IMHO. Mail.app is an example of an app that doesn’t quit when the last window closes. If I want to hide an app then Command-H is the standard. Someone at Apple needs to make a design choice and convey that to developers so that there is a consistant look and feel to apps on the Macintosh. It’s not good when even Apple flip flops design choices from app to app.