So Martha Stewart was found guilty. I’m happy as hell that she was put in her place. Here is a woman that is worth hundreds of millions, if not billions via her holdings in Martha Stewart Omnimedia. Yet, for some reason, she decides to put her personal reputation, as well as her corporation’s brand image, on the line for 4,000 * 60 or roughly $240,000. Most people do the math and say, “She must be telling the truth. Who would be so stupid?” The reality is that most CEOs are control freaks. They have gotten to their position of power, wealth and influence because they are right more often than they are wrong. Many HATE being wrong and will do anything to avoid being wrong. Most of them are assholes. She deserves what she gets. I hope she has a girlfriend in jail real soon. I wonder when we’ll get to read her next article; Tossing Salad in a State Penitentiary.