It is Purim time and I can’t help but think of friends that have served in the army in Israel. It is very important work that the IDF soldiers do. No matter if you have issues with the Israeli government or not you hopefully don’t feel anything bad for the individuals serving in the IDF. They do their best to protect everyone. Some of them die trying to just maintain peace. There is a custom during Purim that you will give a gift consisting of at least two ‘portions’ to another person. Even a poor person is required to fulfill this mitzvah. If one is unable to do so directly, he may exchange his own food for that of his friend; both of whom would thus fulfill their obligations. The mitzvah can not be fulfilled with money, clothing, and the like, but only with foods or beverages that are edible without further cooking or preparation. If at all possible, these ‘portions’ should be sent by messengers, rather than to be delivered personally. The mitzvah of Mishloach Manot and the giving of gifts to the poor, during the days of Purim, are prescribed in order to recall the brotherly love which Mordechai and Esther awoke in all Jews. When there is inner unity among Jews, even the wrongdoers among us becomes righteous. This year I’m using PizzaIDF to give soup for 5 soldiers and a Mischloach Manot package to 1 soldier to be fulfilled with my mitzvah with 1 soldier by the soup / manot. Have you fulfilled your mitzvah this year? Consider at least sending food to soldiers in Israel. It’s not expensive at all.