If anyone uses Norton AntiVirus on OS X in a big company then you know how annoying it is to configure it for a big company. Well I learned some stuff that I thought I’d share with the world. Tomorrow maybe I’ll share my daily cron job that replaces the Symantec Scheduler for updates on my corporate build.

What switches are available when calling LiveUpdate from a cron job or applescript?

This will make LiveUpdate exit after running;

-liveupdateautoquit YES

This will make LiveUpdate quiet except for an icon in the dock;

-liveupdatequiet YES

This will prompt you with a Yes / No about running LiveUpdate. Used by the Installer;

-liveupdateoninstall YES

This is the switch to do an update. LUal is the code for all products and virus defs;

-update LUal

Example for use in a cron job or shell script…

/Applications/Norton\ Solutions/LiveUpdate.app/Contents/MacOS/LiveUpdate -liveupdateautoquit YES -update LUal

Example so the TV set update window won’t appear…

/Applications/Norton\ Solutions/LiveUpdate.app/Contents/MacOS/LiveUpdate -liveupdateautoquit YES -liveupdatequiet YES -update LUal