I read an interesting article by Dave Barry where he was brave enough to publish the ATA’s phone number. Well it was already public on their website, but his article had the guts to express how angry all of us are about tele-marketers and inspired enough people to call, that the ATA had to shut down their 800 number. The non-800 number is below, and printed in his article. When I just called it was busy. No doubt millions of people are calling the ATA to give them some thoughts. If you don’t know what the ATA is, then you should do some Googling. They are the association for the people that call you at dinner time to sell you stuff. They are the ones fighting the Do Not Call Registry. They are my enemy.

If you are interested in contacting the marketers to give them your thoughts then you should definitely do so. They were silly enough to publish the main numbers in an article on the Internet so here they are;

1. Contact the ATA and ask for Tim Searcy, Executive Director, ATA Strategic Planning. Phone: 317-816-9336; e-mail: timsearcy@ataconnect.org.

2. Contact the DMA and ask for Mike Faulkner, Senior Vice President, DMA Segments & Affiliates. Phone: 212-790-1598; e-mail: mfaulkne@the-dma.org.

3. For the charitable organization, contact Errol Copilevitz, Atty., Copilevitz & Canter, LLC. Phone: 816-472-9000; e-mail:ecopilevitz@copilevitz-canter.com.

Since you aren’t a tele-marketer you can pretty much email or call them any time you like. You aren’t subject to their rules that restrict them to certain hours. So go ahead… have fun… call.. email.. write.. and let them know what you think of the American Telemarketers Association, Direct Marketers Association, and of charities that call you during dinner to ask you for money. The way I see it is, if I want to fucking donate money to someone then I’ll do it. I don’t need them to call me to inspire me to donate, and then to take sometimes 80% of the donations for themselves when the charity gets 20%. Why would I ever donate through a tele-marketer? It baffles the mind.

Have fun kids. And remember.. I didn’t tell you to bother anyone. All I am saying is to contact the appropriate people if you feel compelled, and to let them know what you think. It’s your freedom of speech as much as it is theirs to call you while you are at dinner.