It had not occurred to me that a blog at work might be useful until the other day. I was reading in InfoWorld about CIOs and such that run blogs, and I saw that (AOL Time Warner) is giving blog space to customers in AOL 9.0. I started thinking about the RSS feeds from a blog, and how people never read emails at work, and then I thought how I liked newsgroups but people don’t use newsgroups so much any more except for spammers and techies. At work many techs are not really geeks like I would hope them to be so I have to think of ways to get non-geeks information. So I thought to myself if I make a few blogs then I could get them to use RSS newsreaders, and the news would come to them. It works really well. I have a site and off that site I have a blog for opsec and engineering right now. I might make more blogs, but those are good so far. I’ve posted some information like Ghost builds I updated and virus definition updates and such. I don’t know if it will catch on here in the office. I’m about the only really geeky person here aside from a handful of others. If it works out I’ll post more about it here. I’m curious if other engineers have used blogs to deliver news internally at all? I’m using Movable Type as my blog platform and Kung-Log to post articles. As a news reader for the non-techies they are using NetNewsWire. What are others doing?