I use Sysprep with my Windows 2000 images at work. I have everything going pretty well. Now they want me to make a Windows XP image because everyone needs XP. I personally think XP is just a consumer bloated version of 2000, and would like not to have an XP image, but I have no say in the matter. So I’ve been working at making my image. I’ve run in to a problem however. I make my image just fine on a Dell GX 260 workstation. I run Sysprep and reseal the machine. I use Ghost to image the machine up and then image an IBM ThinkPad T23 and a T40 laptop. These laptops have very different guts. Both laptops refuse to boot in to the mini-setup wizard, and even safe mode doesn’t work. I look at the screen in safe mode, and at first it was hanging at Mup.sys loading. Well then I got smart and got the latest INF installer from Intel. I ran it on my Dell source machine, and extracted the whole thing, and put all the XP stuff in my drivers folder that is in my OEMDrivers path. Now it goes past Mup.sys, but it hangs right before it would go in to Windows. Seems like video isn’t kicking in. I tried a logged boot, but it doesn’t seem to commit the log to disk prior to hanging. I’m at my wits end. I wonder if anyone has gone through similar troubles and could comment?