Lately in the news everyone is talking about Gay Weddings. I have been thinking to myself that I’m not sure how the government should say one way or the other about who gets married. I also don’t understand about how unmarried gay couples can get health insurance, but my girlfriend and I can’t because we are not a gay couple. In my opinion gay and straight couples should be able to get domestic partner health insurance, and everyone should be able to get married. Enough already with the bullshit. It’s such a waste of everyones time for the government to involve themselves in marriage. Allowing straight people to have domestic partnerships, and all the benefits of that status, and allowing gay people to be married would put an end to so much drama.

Now for all the religious people out there that will say gay people can not be married… well a wedding may be religious for you, but it does not have to be for everyone. As well some religions permit gay marriage. Don’t impose your morality on everyone. It doesn’t affect you in any way that gay people get married, and with the absence of legal marriage you have gay people just living together. Is that really any different in how it affects you as a religious person that is against gay marriage? So just let everyone get married. Then gay people will get to suffer right alongside the straight people with a 50% divorce rate. Wait until gay people experience community property, and see how quickly domestic partnerships don’t sound so bad.