Canon - Canon PowerShot S45 - 2003-06-04 21-22-30
Josh on the right.

Today I worked at the Israeli Day Parade in New York City. What a fun time I had. It was rainy, but still it was fun. I am in the picture on the right wearing my bright yellow EMS vest. That rickety cart I am in was my emergency vehicle for the parade.

This year was very quiet. I was stationed by Grand Army Plaza on 5th Avenue by 59th Street. Because of the rain many people didn’t show up for the parade. Sad for the parade. Nice for me. 🙂 Because of the rain they had to cancel the concert in the park that normally happens. Aside from having to listen to the Pro-Palestinians that protest against Israel right where I was stationed it was a good day. It amazes me how these people can come out in support of palestinians. One ride on a bus in Israel with one of their suicide bombing brothers, and I bet their perspective changes a little.