If you have not been to http://www.m27coalition.org yet then I suggest that you quickly do so now. On March 27, 2003 and potentially other days following it they are going to randomly shut down streets in New York City. They claim this is in protest to the conflict in Iraq. What they are doing is a crime. What they are doing endangers lives. There are other ways to protest that do not put people at risk. New York city is not the place to shut down streets at random for any reason.

Please go here; http://www.directnic.com/help/tts/

Tell them to shut down “m27coalition.org”. Let them know that they are working with criminals that are endangering lives. We may not be able to stop their criminal act tomorrow, but perhaps by getting their website taken down we will disrupt their communications to some extent.

Please forward this to everyone you know. These people are going to potentially cause deaths tomorrow with their protests because they obstruct traffic. Imagine that you are hurt, waiting for an ambulance that can never get there because these people decided to shut down a New York City street. Imagine your house is on fire and the fire department gets there after your pets have burned to death, and all your belongings are gone. Imagine someone attacks you and you die because police were unable to come to your assistance.

What this group does is not acceptable. Let DirectNic.com know that they should not host websites for criminals. We may not all agree that the war in Iraq is justified, but I think we can all agree that obstructing traffic on a New York City street is criminal.