Heads up…
May be nothing but I have seen this mentioned through several news feeds I
read. Just be aware if you need to get around NYC tomorrow there may or may
not be closed streets. The website below has details locations that may be


An ad-hoc coalition of anti-war groups is planning a massive non-violent
civil disobedience at 8 am on Thursday, March 27, 2003.
We target corporate war profiteers and the media/corporate/government
collusion that is promoting this war. We target the Rockefeller Center area
since many media and corporations have offices there or nearby. We target
the corporate structure that is profiting from this war.
Every day now the lives of Iraqis are ending, and our everyday lives must
end as well. We cannot routinely go to work and school, come home, turn on
the government-manipulated media and watch the Iraqi skies light up with
bombs while we eat dinner. We cannot stand by as our government slaughters
thousands of Iraqi civilians. We cannot continue to watch passively the
homeless, hungry and sick on the streets of New York City while billions of
dollars are being spent on bombs. No business as usual!
The plan is for a massive civil disobedience at Rockefeller Center, with
coordinated actions planned by affinity groups throughout the city. Spread
the word as widely as possible. The action will take place near 5th Avenue
and 50th Streets. There will also be space for a legal protest at the
A pre-action meeting is planned for Weds evening, 6pm, March 26, Washington
Square United Methodist Church, 135 West 4th Street, (just east of 6th Ave.,
Village, NYC).
We need all photographers, lawyers, people with video cameras, media people,
people who care to help! Spread this info to all your friends and family.